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After years of study, I began teaching yoga in 2005. I find that training people to listen to their bodies and find thier own movement potential and limits through yoga is what inspires me to teach. In my teaching I have gained specialzed knowledge in restoratives, prenatal, postnatal and injury recovery/prevention. Across the spectrum of yoga classs that I teach my eye for alignment and interest in metaphor is ever present. I use imagery to make the sometimes conceptually abstract physical body accessible and identifiable in the mind and the felt-mind of the body. The asana practice I teach is breath based in order to integrate the mind and body while in movement. I find that tapping into the subtle aspects of the practice of breath and awareness allows one to deepen their understanding of how the body consciousness flows in each moment. This allows one to leave the mat more integrated and more aware then you began. I teach toward the needs of each individual student and seek to help each person find their yoga on the mat and in their life.

Angela currently teaches studio classes and private sessions. See Angela's current studio teaching schedule. For private instruction please email breathbodymovement{AT}