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Modern Dance Performance and Education

I have making dances since 2000. In 2002 I moved to New York City to attend Sarah Lawrence College from which I graduated in 2004 with an MFA in dance. Prior to coming to New York I was a founding member, choreographer and performer with the Bozeman Contemporary Dance Collective in Montana. In New York I was presented by WAXworks in 2005 and 2006, Dancenow/NYC Festival at DTW and The Field's Farspace performance residency. Movement is my life and expressing it is my passion. My choreographic process is one of improvisation, structure and refinement. I gain inspiration most often from the moving body itself; however, I am also inspired by literature, nature and interpersonal phenomena. My works tend toward the minimalist and abstract, evoking feelings of relationship, connection and disconnection. Flow predominates in my work and it is punctuated by pauses of stillness and action. My choreographic process has been most influenced by my teachers Sara Rudner, Dan Hurlin, Neil Greenburg and Kathy Westwater. I feel I am in the lineage of postmodern choreographers and look to Yvonne Rainer and Trisha Brown as the progenitors of my style. At Sarah Lawrence I had the chance to learn ‘Trio A’ from Cat Patterson and was then coached by Yvonne Rainer. This was a life-changing moment for me, as she is an artist for whom I have great admiration. I also admire the imagistic work of Meredith Monk and Pina Bausch, and the musical composition of Philip Glass.
-- Angela Imhoff