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breathbodymovement is the internet home of Angela Imhoff, a certified yoga teacher and massage therapist in the Bay Area, California.

About Angela Imhoff, MFA, LMT, RYT

Angela has been a student of the moving body since she was 10. Her interest in movement began with ballet, which she studied for 16 years. In college she discovered modern dance as an outlet for her need for movement. In 1996 she began her study of massage therapy at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and has practiced massage ever since. Through massage she found a way to transmit her understanding of the body to others. In recent years she has expanded her bodywork modalities to inculde Craniosacral therapy and concepts of the Body-Mind Centering Approach ®. Her desire to help people move with more clarity and ease led her to study Laban Movement Analysis. Through this she learned to see the meta-patterns of movement and be able to use this information descriptively and prescriptively. She has expanded her somatic studies by attending summer courses at the School for Body-Mind Centering. She is certified in the application of developmental movement to yoga and continues to study about the application of teaching embodied anatomy through yoga. Additionally, she studies with anatomy and hands-on movement re-patterning with Mark Taylor. Her current movement practice of choice is yoga. In yoga she has found the perfect balance of using the body as a tool to influence the activity and patterns of the mind. Artistically she continues to create dances and has earned an MFA in dance from Sarah Lawrence College.

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